Two Beautiful Beaches in Roatan

Two Beautiful Beaches in Roatan

beaches in roatan

It is summer and many people are looking to spend their summer vacation. Among the most attractive options you can consider going to Roatan beaches to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Roatan where you undoubtedly will enjoy a memorable holiday in the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

Main Roatan in the Bay Islands and is one of the eighteen departments of Honduras and an island famous for having the most beautiful beaches in Central America, have given fame to which visitors are impressed by the possesses great natural beauty of Roatan Island.

Among Roatan beaches that you can visit during your stay in Roatan this summer are: 

The West End beach

It is one of the beaches of Roatan more influx of people in the Bay Island, its beautiful turquoise waters make thousands of national international tourists enjoy the beaches of West end where they enjoy the sun and the beach in style . One of the great spectacles of the West End in Roatan beach during sunset is where you can a wonderful experience that you can not miss. West End beaches are ideal to enjoy sports like Kayak Snorkel and also in the West End beach in Roatan can find many dive centers do their practical training in these waters because of the little waves and calming of the waters

beaches in roatan

Palmetto Bay beach

Pure White sand, Roatan this beautiful beach can be found at the northern part of the island of Roatan, we can say that a beach is less developed compared to West End but his originality makes a peaceful haven where you can make the most of the sun and sand this summer. In Palmetto Bay beach you can peacefully enjoy the sun and the beach and which by their nature are guides calm where you can relax and forget about your daily routine. One of the strongest attractions Palmetto Bay beach is that you can enjoy the marine world and this beach is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef is also an ideal place for snorking and diving.

I hope you enjoy the most of your stay on the beaches of Roatan a wonderful place to enjoy your summer vacation.

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